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History and Background

Kashmir Institute of Management (KIM) was initially established in 1990 as AJK Staff Training Institute (STI). It functioned as such till February 2003, with the basic aim to train officers and other cadres of the civil service of AJK; to enhance their professional skills. It was upgraded and re-designated into Kashmir Institute of Public Administration (KIPA) in 2003, on the analogy of National Institutes of Public Administration (NIPAs) operating in all four provincial capitals of Pakistan.

KIPA, over the period, successfully conducted a good number of short professional courses and also the only “Advanced Course in Public Sector Management” commonly known as “NIPA Advanced Course” for incumbent B-19 officers of the State in collaboration with NIPA (now National Institute of Management NIM) Lahore. The earthquake in 2005 reduced the KIPA building alongwith other government offices in the capital city into rubble

In August-September 2010, the then Chief Secretary, Azad Govt. of the State of J&K, Mr. Shahzad Arbab with the approval of the Prime Minister, Azad Govt. of the State of J&K took a bold step to reorganize / revitalize KIPA and to develop it on the lines of National Institutes of Management in Pakistan. This was itself a task of greater magnitude because KIPA neither had the required resources, nor trained manpower besides wherewithal to function as an institution comparable with NIMs. (By that time all NIPAs in Pakistan had been upgraded and re-designated as NIMs)

Keeping this state of affairs in mind, the then Chief Secretary, Govt. of AJK in a meeting with the then Rector National School of Public Policy (NSPP) on 14th June, 2010 proposed conduct of Mid-Career Management Course in AJK and for taking over and conversion of KIPA into KIM which the Rector agreed to. Subsequently, on 23rd August, 2010 the Chief Secretary, Govt. of AJK formally requested the NSPP to take over this institution, and on the request the Government of AJK, Brig. Zubair Ahmed Chaudhri (Retd.) the then Directing Staff NIM Peshawar was assigned the responsibility to carry out an evaluative study in order to meet the laid down objectives. On 12th October 2010, the complete evaluative study was presented to the Rector and the Chief Secretary, Govt. of AJK.

With the approval of the Rector NSPP and in consultation with the Chief Secretary Govt. of AJK first Mid-Career Management Course (MCMC) was successfully conducted in line with other NIMs in May-Aug 2011, for potential B-19 officers. So far, 02 Senior Management Courses (SMCs) for potential B-20 officers, 06 Mid-Career Management Courses (MCMCs) for potential B-19 officers, 02 Basic Management Courses (BMCs) for potential B-18 officers 01 Orientation Training Program for probationer Section Officers and 02 Junior Staff Courses (JSCs) for B-11 to B-16 employees have successfully been organized as per approved modules and methodology of NSPP.

Detail of so far conducted training courses, in chronological order, is as under:

MCMC-1 30th May to 6th  August 2011

(30 Officers)

10 weeks
MCMC-2 26th September to 20th December, 2011

(20 Officers)

12 weeks
JSC-1 16thJanuary to 10thMarch, 2012

(28 Participants)

8 weeks
MCMC-3 09th April to 27thJuly, 2012

(22 Officers)

12 weeks
SMC-1 24th September to 22nd February, 2013

(26 Officers)

22 weeks
MCMC-4 08th July to 25th October, 2013

(29 Officers)

16 weeks
BMC-1 13th January to 4th April, 2014

(42 Officers)

12 weeks
MCMC-5 18th August to 05th December, 2014

(17 Officers)

14 weeks
SMC-2 23rd November 2015 to 08th April, 2016

(30 Officers)

20 weeks
BMC-2 3rd October to 23rd December, 2016

(26 Officers)

12 weeks
MCMC-6 20th February to 26th May,  2017

(30 Officers)

14 weeks
OTP-1 8th March to 16th April, 2017

(24 Officers)

8 weeks
JSC-2 28th August to 20th October, 2017

(37 Officers)

8 weeks

Moreover, one each workshop on “Result Based Management (03-05 November, 2015)” and “Financial Reforms in Higher Education Sector (01-04 June, 2016)” were organized in collaboration with the Management Services Wing, Establishment Division, Govt. of Pakistan and Higher Education Commission, Pakistan, respectively. One conference on “Formation of Tourism Policy for AJ&K (02-03 June, 2016) was also organized in collaboration with the AJ&K Tourism and Archaeology Department. Three workshops (i.e. two in Muzaffarabad and one as an off-campus workshop at Mirpur University of Science and Technology, Mirpur in collaboration with the University and Divisional Commissioner) were conducted on Public Procurement Rules (PPRs) for the Divisional and District level officer i.e. Procurers and DDOs on 05-06-2017, 16-10-2017 and 29 to 30-10-2017, respectively. A workshop was also conducted in collaboration with the planning Commission of Pakistan on Civil Services Reforms on 17-07-2017.

          The Govt. of Pakistan has made all the training courses conducted by NIMs and NSPP mandatory for promotion to the next higher grade. The Government of AJ&K has also declared all of the courses conducted at Kashmir Institute of Management mandatory for promotion to the next higher grade for the officers of three major groups of AJK Civil Service i.e. “Management Group”, “Secretariat Group” and “Police Department”. Considerations are also being done to make these courses mandatory for the Admin Cadre Officers of “Other Departments” as well.