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JSC, which trains BS 10-16 Officials/Officers, is designed for capacity building & inculcation of skills. Training tools like Lecture Discussions, Panel Discussions, Syndicate Work, Workshops, Field Visits and Book Review focus on the main thrust of the course. DESIGN

  • Mandatory for promotion to next higher scale.
  • Duration: 08 weeks


“Introducing excellence in service delivery through experiential learning, capacity building and inculcation of skills and values essential for junior staff”.


The aim of Junior Staff Course is:

  • To develop participants’ knowledge, skills, and potential so as to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To sensitize the participants in public interest and groom them for better overall performance.


  • To create an understanding about the need for inter-departmental linkages and coordination for improving efficiency.
  • To enhance knowledge of the Rules of Business and the government’s administrative structures.
  • To assist in personality development and enhance communication, interpersonal skills so as to improve effectiveness.
  • To equip with the skills required for effective working.

Training Modules

The curriculum of the Course comprises Five modules spread over three terms. The detail is as under:

Module – I      Personnel Management
Module – II     Financial Management
Module – III    Rules of Business 1985
Module – IV    Secretariat Instructions 1979
Module – V     Computer Literacy