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Prime Minister’s Message

God fearing, competent, pro-people, highly skillful and honest civil service is considered to be the corner stone of the effective governance system in a thriving State. Formulation of pro-people and implementable public policy in line with the political vision of the state and aspirations of the people for ensuring rule of law, welfare and sustainable socioeconomic development are dependent on proactivism and dynamism of the bureaucracy of any nation state.

It is always the efficient and pro-people bureaucracy which helps the political executive in translating the manifesto of the Govt. into a reality to bring in rule of law, transparency, equality, equity and sustainable development.

My Government is implementing a well thought-out socioeconomic and political program aimed at ensuring result oriented and sustainable development through improvement in public service delivery by the public sector. The entire program is being implemented with the assistance of the civil service of the state which, in fact, is the implementing arm of the Government.

It gives me pleasure to mention that our civil service equally is capable of making desired level of efforts with the seriousness of purpose, enthusiasm and integrity to execute the plans of the Government designed to bring in efficacy and transparency in the public service delivery at all levels.

I am optimistic that our civil service will keep putting their best in practice with the fullest zeal and dedication at their command to execute the Govt. policies to bring in desired improvement in the socioeconomic indicators and uplift of the living standard of masses.

A sustained and rigorous capacity building process in the fields of public policy formulation and implementation besides, analytical thinking, research, financial management, presentation skills and leadership is the most instrumental tool to bring in efficiency, adroitness, enthusiasm, devotion, allegiance and professional excellence in different levels of the officers of bureaucracy. Providing civil service of the state with the opportunity for capacity building is one of the priorities of my Government.
For this purpose, Kashmir Institute of Management has been established and we are heedful of its financial and administrative requirements.

My Government attaches great significance with this organization. I have visited it many a time and during every visit found considerable improvement in its standard and quality of service delivery. It is encouraging to see that KIM has proficiently risen to the pinnacles of professional excellence as a premier and state-of-the-art civil service training institute of the state.

It is a matter of great satisfaction for me that the institution is all set to proudly bring out its 7th Annual Report highlighting its achievements during the last year i.e. 7th year since its inception. There is a good deal of achievements and marked performance in the areas of training and publication for which the management and faculty of the organization must take pride because all of that impressive work has been done in a short period of just seven years.

Attaining and maintaining higher standards of training courses and publications, which could compete that of National Institutes of Management in Pakistan is something phenomenal that speaks volumes about hard work and dedication put in by the Director General, Brig. (R) Syed Akhtar Hussain Shah and his team members at KIM who deserve appreciation of the Government.

I have been told that KIM has become a permanent destination to be visited by the visiting delegations (comprising faculty and participants of senior level training courses) from decades old premiere civil service and other professional training institutes operating in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar.
It is a self-speaking evidence of ever growing repute of this institution among its sister organizations in the country and has become an interface between its sister organizations in Pakistan and GoAJ&K.

Assuring availability of the eminent and reputed guest speakers from different parts of the country besides quality publications and research work done with the utmost scrupulousness and diligence under supervision of the indigenous faculty is the commendable work of the organization that has made it a “Think Tank” for the Govt. of AJ&K.

I am sure that all our young and experienced officers are making best use of the opportunities of advanced professional learning / capacity building available at KIM. It will certainly sharpen their analytical approach besides research and leadership skills to efficiently contribute towards sustainable development and efficient / responsive governance in the state which could help transforming AJ&K into a welfare State as dreamt by our founding fathers.

I am pleased to record my admiration for the phenomenal achievements and contribution made by the management and faculty of Kashmir Institute of Management towards sharpening the managerial and leaderships skills of the members of AJ&K Civil Service and pray for their rise to new heights in future. I also assure the institute of my unwavering support and patronage.